Pine Tree Counselling & Psychotherapy
Trudi Jane Wyatt, MA, RP, CCC
Psychotherapy for individual adults in Ontario. (Note, I am geographically in Alberta.)


Phone: 416.901.0994* (to AB)
(emergencies 911)*

Psychotherapy Services

New clients are welcome.

Issues I Can Help You With

  • Difficult emotions such as sadness, fear, uncertainty, worry, mild anxiety, mild depression, etc. A desire to better understand and manage these.
  • Challenges with relationships (with a partner, friend, family member, co-worker, etc.). A desire to overcome these.
  • Emotional abuse / manipulation. A desire to address this.
  • Past traumatic experiences. A desire to reckon with these.
  • Infidelity / affairs. There could be many goals if you are experiencing this issue as you could be involved in so many different ways with so many possible impacts.
  • Anger. A desire to better understand and manage this.
  • Communication skills. A desire to improve these.
  • Thinking style. A desire to build on your thinking skills.
  • Self-esteem / self-acceptance. A desire to improve this.
  • Stress. A desire to manage and ideally reduce this.
  • Decisions. A desire to work through these.
  • Loss or impending loss / Grief. A desire to process this.
  • Other issues and other goals.

Approach to Sessions

I approach sessions primarily with a “CBT” (cognitive behaviour therapy) framework which helps you identify and clarify your feelings and thoughts. I also often incorporate other helpful approaches such as “Narrative Therapy”, “ACT” (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), “Positive Psychology”, and “Humanistic Therapy” (Carl Rogers / Rogerian), because things like self-actualization, meaning, purpose, values, and strengths can be important. Additionally I am often reading and learning new things about psychotherapy and enjoy sharing helpful information with my clients so as to help them achieve their various goals.

Contact & Format

Please feel free to call me* at 416.901.0994 (forwards to AB) with any questions you might have about psychotherapy, to schedule an initial consultation, or to set up a first appointment. Sessions are virtual and you can choose from secure video, secure chat, secure audio, or phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Alberta?

If you are IN ALBERTA and seeking services there, this is my website for my Alberta practice, Pine Tree Counselling:

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