Trudi Jane Wyatt, MA, RP, CCC
Registered Psychotherapist (Ontario)

Psychotherapy over the telephone for individual male and female adults in Ontario, Canada. (I call from Alberta.)


416-901-0994 No text; if emergency 911; see ‘Resources’.

By appointment only. Weekdays, daytime (M-F) or evening (M-Th).

Hello! I am an Ontario Registered Psychotherapist and I speak with individual men and women about a variety of issues, primarily with a “CBT” (cognitive behaviour therapy) approach, towards successfully achieving their psychotherapy goals, their values, quality of life, and well-being. Some of these issues include:

  • Self-esteem / self-acceptance
  • Emotional abuse / manipulation
  • “Depression” (sadness, etc.)
  • “Anxiety” (fear, difficulty with uncertainty, etc.)
  • Anger
  • Difficult / Complicated relationships
  • Stress
  • Past adverse / traumatic events
  • Decisions
  • Loss or impending loss / Grief
  • Communication
  • Thinking styles
  • Other issues (life often has many)

In addition to CBT I also incorporate other approaches such as “Narrative Therapy” “ACT” (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), “Positive Psychology”, and “Humanistic Therapy” (Carl Rogers / Rogerian) as indicated, so as not to overlook the importance of self-actualization, meaning, purpose, values, strengths,  etc. Also, I don’t view my clients as “disordered” when they are facing some of life’s challenges and experiencing some very understandable emotional, cognitive, and behavioural issues. Further, as a Registered Psychotherapist, we do not “diagnose” people.

To set up a first appointment, please call or email me (416.901.0994 or see “Contact” tab). Note, I do not text message with clients or potential clients.

Also note, if you are IN ALBERTA and seeking services there, this is my website for my Alberta practice:

*Note that my services do not specifically focus on individuals experiencing suicidal ideation and/or self-harm issues.

**And, note that my anger management services are not affiliated with the justice system, nor does my practice specialize in assisting individuals with anger leading to current physical violence.

*,** See telephone tab for more information as telephone might not be appropriate for some issues.

Also, I work with adults (age 18 years and older), not minors. For more information on resources to consider for addressing these above important needs/populations however, please see “Resources” tab above.

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