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“Virtue” (and Moir) in Pyongyang

Congratulations to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir for a truly gold medal performance yesterday in Pyongyang, in Olympic Ice Dancing. Wow. I was literally brought to tears (of absolute amazement) when I watched it.  I thought of all the effort they must have put into it – all the years of hard work and commitment, all the hours, all the so-called sacrifices, etc. And I thought wow, what an achievement, they really deserve their (obvious, unabashed) happiness.

And “Positive Psychology” would concur I think – Seligman for example (1), identifies 5 areas that “thriving” people seem to have down pat in their lives, as represented by the acronym “PERMA”:

P for positive emotions, things like a great song that instantly elicit good feelings;

E for engagement, activities leading to that state of “Flow” in which one loses all track of time;

R for relationships, cultivating and nurturing fulfilling interpersonal relationships;

M for meaning, well-described by Frankl and Eric Maisel; and finally,

A for achievement, such as yesterday’s shining example.

I wonder if we all would strive for “gold medal performances” in all areas of our lives that are meaningful to us – our jobs or studies, our relationships, our characters, etc. – if the world would be that much better off, and that much happier…

For help with identifying and pursuing your “PERMA” and happiness, feel free to contact me for an initial appointment or free initial brief consultation. Meanwhile, have a Virtuous and Olympic day!

1. Seligman, Martin. Flourish.

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