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Psychotherapy During Covid

If you have been feeling more sad, withdrawn, vulnerable, or impatient lately, you are not alone in this. These and many other types of emotions are common in the face of disasters such as pandemics, even if you are not “directly” affected, and this prolonged duration can be a factor. Also common are things like changes in thoughts, such as a tendency to ruminate or have difficulty concentrating, or changes in behaviours, such as socially withdrawing (this is not the same as social distancing).

It might have occurred to you to speak to a professional about these things, even if you’ve never spoken to one before, which many people haven’t, but then you might have wondered how it could help. Or, you might  have thought you need to appear “strong” and just be there to support others, or doubted that a psychotherapist would understand your particular context and history.

Psychotherapy during things like pandemics can often be helpful and is often a little different than psychotherapy in “normal times” when self-actualization types of goals might be the priority. Instead, goals at this time might include things like building on your coping and problem-solving skills, enhancing your sense of personal agency, connecting with your identity and what is meaningful, and/or identifying what other resources you might need at this time.

For more information and/or to arrange for assistance with the above, please feel free to contact me (see “Contact” tab above).

Note that this post is not psychotherapy / counselling; please contact me or another professional if you require these services. If you need urgent support, consider your local distress number such as Toronto Distress Centres (416.408.4357). If you need immediate help, call 911 or consider going to your local Emergency Room. Note this post is for information only, does not imply that a professional relationship has been established with readers, is not advice of any kind (including it is not medical advice or any other type of advice; please contact a physician if you need medical advice), and does not imply intent to provide professional services to readers. Intended audience: Current adult residents of the Canadian province of Ontario only.

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