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“Living an Olympic Life”

I spent the last 2 days at the first conference of the brand new Canadian Positive Psychology Association (, where I had the pleasure of learning from an inspiring array of professionals working in the inspiring field of positive psychology. 

Among them was Greg Wells, Ph.D. (, a physiologist who spoke to us via Livestream from the site of the London Olympics ( Greg explained what “living an Olympic life” includes, from a physiological perspective.  

Similarly, many of the other excellent presenters whom I included in my 2-day schedule (there were so many of them to choose from!!) described other important elements of living the good life–from a psychological perspective–such as:

  • Pursuing our passions in a way that is in harmony with our other goals and values, vs. in a way that rigidly rules out a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life (thank you Robert Vallerand, Ph.D., Social Psychologist @ UQAM)
  • Reconnecting to our “intrinsic” goals and values (such as personal growth and respect for others), because throughout life we can lose sight of them in a society and/or in families that emphasize the seeming rewards of “extrinsic” goals and values (such as popularity and material possessions).  Seeming, because in time over-focusing on these rewards” can promote unethical choices and/or gradually lead to anxiety, addiction, and/or depression (thank you Frederick Grouzet, Ph.D., Social Psychologist @ U Vic)
  • Using “affiliative” humour, which enhances relationships and promotes coping, whilst minimizing “aggressive and self-defeating” humour, which makes fun of others and/or ourselves (thank you Kim Edwards, Clinical Psychologist Rod Martin’s graduate student @ UWO)
  • Honoring both your positive and your negative emotions (i.e., “positive” psychology is about so much more than simply focusing on the positive!) (thank you Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D., C.Psych, @ U of T)

For help with making your own life an “Olympic” one, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you, and Go for Gold!!! 


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