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Survey results: Men & women equally likely to experience domestic abuse


In a recent Toronto Sun Article (19Apr2019) entitled “Where’s the support for male victims of domestic violence?”, Centre for Men and Families Executive Director Justin Trottier writes, “Three Canadian sociologists have released a ground-breaking report in the journal Partner Abuse that fundamentally contradicts conventional wisdom on domestic violence. These researchers accessed raw data from the 2014 General Social Survey, a massive population survey regularly conducted by Statistics Canada to assess the extent of social problems in the country. What they found undermines the gender paradigm that portrays domestic violence as exclusively a manifestation of male domination over women. On the contrary, men were found to be as likely as women to experience domestic abuse. Even more surprising, men were just as likely to suffer severe forms of violence… And most significant of all, men and women were found to suffer similar long-term mental health effects… Domestic abuse is a serious issue for women and comprehensive intervention programs must continue to expand to guarantee women live lives free of violence. But it’s not a zero sum game. Men also suffer severe abuse with serious consequences for them and their children. The difference is that men have virtually no support…” To access the full article, here is the URL:

Note that this post is not psychotherapy / counselling; please contact me or another professional if you require these services. If you need urgent support, consider Toronto Distress Centres at 416.408.4357, the Assaulted Women’s Helpline is 416.863.0511, or for male survivors of abuse,1-866-887-0015. If you need immediate help, call 911 or go to your local Emergency Room. Note this post is for information only, does not imply that a professional relationship has been established with readers, is not advice, and does not imply intent to provide professional services to readers. Intended audience: Current adult residents of the Canadian province of Ontario only.

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