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Think for yourself or let someone else think for you?

Who you are, who you are not, what you believe, and what kind of people you want to spend time with, in part inform your “identity,” the formation of which was seen by developmental psychologist Erik Erikson as taking place across adolescence.1

I was reminded of this in a recent blog post1 by psychologist Alan Godwin about “The seduction of groupthink (the vulnerability of letting other do your thinking for you).” He describes that within the identity task are four sub-stages (Marcia, J.) including “moratorium”, when rather than looking to others for WHAT to think (characteristic of the sub-stage of “foreclosure”), one shifts to asking critical questions about the beliefs they’ve been told such as, “Why is that true? How do I know that’s true? Who says that’s true? Why should I believe it?”

But, Dr. Godwin explains, “There are [actually] many adults who chronologically arrive in adulthood while being developmentally stuck in foreclosure. They’ve never learned to think for themselves and, consequently, look to others to do their thinking for them.” This leaves them vulnerable to exploitation.

A popular approach to psychotherapy called “cognitive behavioural therapy” (“CBT”) helps people with how to think for themselves. It involves learning to “examine the validity and usefulness” 3 of one’s thoughts so as to improve emotion and behaviour.

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