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Ideas for this Challenging Time

To help reduce the likelihood of mental health impact of this difficult and lonely pandemic time, Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD, well-known for his expertise in helping people who have experienced traumas, explained in a webinar I recently watched* some ideas specific to the social distancing situation many of us are participating in. They included (in no particular order):

1. Creating a sense of safety, even in the current context — identify things that help make you feel safe. For some people with a history of feeling unsafe, this might be extra challenging in these times, so if you need assistance with this, please contact myself or another mental health professional, or see the “Resources” tab above, and scroll down for various free services and resources offered during covid19.

2. Maintaining a sense of productivity, such as by creating a schedule, or making plans to look forward to, such as talking to a friend.

3. Maintaining a sense of purpose; maintaining your identity. Holding on to these.

4. Being “mindful” of your self and your body. Make observations, and choose, rather than react. Tell a friend how you have been feeling. These as opposed to “numbing out” or “spacing out” such as by watching endless television.

5. Maintaining a sense of agency or mobility – activating your body to do things within your capability, whether that’s yoga, cooking etc.

6. Maintaining a sense of time, even focusing on the idea that “this” moment is different from the next, and so on.

7. Maintaining connection – “attunement” with others, such as by phone calls, video calls, etc.

* A PESI Inc. webinar.

Note that this post is not psychotherapy / counselling; please contact me or another professional if you require these services. If you need urgent support, consider Toronto Distress Centres at 416.408.4357. If you need immediate help, call 911 or consider going to your local Emergency Room. Note this post is for information only, does not imply that a professional relationship has been established with readers, is not advice of any kind (including it is not medical advice or any other type of advice; please contact a physician if you need medical advice), and does not imply intent to provide professional services to readers. Intended audience: Current adult residents of the Canadian province of Ontario only.

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