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Dr. Jordan Peterson on Philosophy of PC

In my work I am very interested in the role of philosophy in psychotherapy. For example, someone’s philosophy, whether explicit or implicit, impacts his or her beliefs, which in turn impact his or her emotions and behaviours; so, it can be helpful to explore underlying philosophies.

For example, I recently saw Professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson talk about the role of philosophy in the current political correctness (PC) trend(1). My understanding of what he said is that at the root of this trend are 2 philosophies, Post-Modernism, associated with such figures as Foucault, and Marxism, associated with Karl Marx and subsequently interpreted and adopted by various cultures. He suggests that regarding the post-modern view that there are many ways to interpret the world, actually there are only a few ways that are practically viable for human beings, given their biological and social realities; and, he suggests that the Marxist sentiment of compassion for your fellow human is not sufficient in practice, if say you look to places like Venezuela where the average person has lost 18 lbs since the situation there, or to historical examples such as the former Soviet Union’s GULAG that led to many deaths.

Dr. Peterson concludes with the importance of acting conscientiously, and with whatever intelligence you have, to be successful in this world.


(1) 17 Jun 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

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